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Exceptional Planning for Extraordinary People

Wealth Management Services in Sacramento, California

A Note About COVID-19

Boyd Wealth Management is a boutique, independent financial planning and investment management firm, delivering true financial security to high-net-worth families and businesses in the Sacramento region. We achieve this through our comprehensive planning process, goal prioritization, and collaboration with our clients' tax and legal advisors.

As a fiduciary, we ALWAYS work in your best interest.

Our experience and commitment to education affords us an in-depth specialization in helping successful people navigate their complicated financial situation. We bring clarity and implement straightforward solutions.

New clients typically reach out to us when experiencing a life changing event:

  • Are you considering the sale of your business but you're uncertain how that exit will impact your life?
  • Have you recently exited your business and need guidance to manage the proceeds to meet your long-term objectives?
  • Are you confident you’re on track for retirement but lack a disciplined plan to generate income?
  • Have you recently inherited a substantial amount of money and you’re not sure how to responsibly manage it?

Create a plan and turn over the day-to-day management of your finances to experts so you can go live your best life!

Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute introductory call.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Financial Planning

Investment Strategies

Retirement Distribution

Business Retirement Plans

Business Exit and Succession

Estate Planning


Insurance Planning