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Exploring the Luxury Lifestyle Thumbnail

Exploring the Luxury Lifestyle

A lifestyle of luxury may be just a dream for most, but high net worth individuals can routinely indulge in exotic travel, fine dining, and the world’s nicest automobiles. In this blog post, we take a break from the markets and economy while we delve into the world of luxury living, exploring some of the most sought-after experiences, possessions, and services that high net worth individuals most commonly covet.

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What is California's Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE)? Thumbnail

What is California's Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE)?

The Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE) is a great tool for taxpayers in high-income states such as California and New York. The PTE allows an entity taxed as a partnership or S Corporation to make a tax payment on behalf of its partners. The business pays an elective tax of 9.3% of qualified net income to the Franchise Tax Board. Individual partners then receive a credit for state taxes paid on their individual state tax return for their pro-rata share. In this video, we explain the benefits, some important considerations, and offer an example of the Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE).

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