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3 Ways to Up Your Cyber Game Immediately Thumbnail

3 Ways to Up Your Cyber Game Immediately

They’re coming after you. They’re coming after me. They’re coming after anyone with a heartbeat, a social security number, and money. Cyber criminals wake each day looking for ways to take from you. Here are 3 steps you can take right now to improve your cyber hygiene and guard your data.

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Exciting Team Updates Thumbnail

Exciting Team Updates

With a full year of independence now behind us, we are really hitting our stride. Compiling a team of professionals to serve the unique needs of our clients has always been our top priority. We’ve been lucky to have associated with fantastic staff and I’m excited to share some updates with you.

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Discovering the Freedom to Spend Thumbnail

Discovering the Freedom to Spend

The persistent low savings rates among citizens in the United States and the ongoing retirement crisis make headlines regularly. This post is NOT about that. There is a lesser known crisis - exceptional savers can be terrible spenders. Those who have the gene to save, so-called “Super Savers”, have created incredible attitudes, systems, and habits around the accumulation of money. In fact, they’ve become so good at saving that it becomes challenging to spend later in life.

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