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What is California's Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE)? Thumbnail

What is California's Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE)?

The Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE) is a great tool for taxpayers in high-income states such as California and New York. The PTE allows an entity taxed as a partnership or S Corporation to make a tax payment on behalf of its partners. The business pays an elective tax of 9.3% of qualified net income to the Franchise Tax Board. Individual partners then receive a credit for state taxes paid on their individual state tax return for their pro-rata share. In this video, we explain the benefits, some important considerations, and offer an example of the Pass-Through Entity Tax (PTE).

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Diversification - The Worst Way to Invest Except All Others Thumbnail

Diversification - The Worst Way to Invest Except All Others

As an advisor, it can be hard to keep investors focused on what works in the long term when it seems everything is working in the short term. Diversification often looks overly prudent, especially near the end of a giant bull market. It's during these periods that diversification really proves its worth. Here are some examples of those high fliers and where diversification helps investors.

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The Power of Dividends Thumbnail

The Power of Dividends

Grace Groner was born in 1909 in Illinois and became an orphan at the age of 12. She attended Lake Forest College and, upon graduation, took a job at Abbott Laboratories, where she would work as a secretary for 43 years. She never married or had children. When she died in 2010 at the age of 100, she left behind an estate in excess of seven million dollars!

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