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Exciting Team Updates

With a full year of independence now behind us, we are really hitting our stride. Compiling a team of professionals to serve the unique needs of our clients has always been our top priority. We’ve been lucky to have associated with fantastic staff and I’m excited to share some updates with you.

Kait Garlick

Kait Garlick

Kait joined us last August as we were feverishly working to transition clients while establishing core systems and processes. Our partnership with Kait is serendipitous really.

We worked informally with Kait at our prior firm for 8 years or so. While Ryan and I ran our own practice and own team, Kait was supporting the overall investment operations and compliance functions of the entire Northwestern Mutual Sacramento office – some 35 advisors in total.

In February of 2018, Ryan and I got word that Kait was leaving her role to explore new opportunities. One afternoon, I saw her leaving for the day through my office window and I ran into Ryan’s office. “We should really talk to Kait about joining our team. She’s amazing and she’s leaving.”

Ryan replied, “Are you crazy?!?!? Kait is amazing, but we are launching our own firm soon and there is a lot of uncertainty. We can’t hire another person right now.” Dang it. He was right. Usually he is right. We couldn’t be sure how our transition would turn out, so we had to let that idea go. Kait left in February and we would leave in May.

Fast forward to last August and I received a LinkedIn message from Kait:

“Hi there! Congratulations on the exciting new career move! I'm very happy for you and the team. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that if you decide at some point to expand the team, I am definitely interested!”

I jumped out of the chair, replied with some dates for us to get together, and here we are 10 months later.

This month Kait was promoted to Chief Compliance Officer of Boyd Wealth Management. While she still helps us with day to day office operations and client experience, her primary role will be supervising our firm’s advisors (Brian, Ryan, and Mark) and keeping our firm in line with ever-changing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations. This role is essential to the success of our firm, but it also comes with an incredible amount of personal liability. She will be signing off on our firm’s disclosure documents, maintaining our books and records, liaising with the SEC during routine audits, and generally keeping us in compliance with the laws of the land.

I love it when a plan comes together and appreciate how we got to this fantastic place. You will hear from Kait directly on certain things that pertain to you. As an example, she will be sending out communication shortly on how best to reach any of us via text messaging for business purposes. Yes, there are some very specific regulations on our end that pertain to this.

She will also be working on a project to help our clients name a trusted contact. If ever there were diminished capacity, having a pre-nominated trusted contact person will help us prevent financial abuse during a clients’ advanced age.

Please congratulate Kait next time you speak to her. She worked hard to get here and is essential in our mission to deliver true financial security to extraordinary people.

Mark Patzer

Mark Patzer

In other exciting news, we announced in April that Mark Patzer had joined our firm. Mark is a native of San Diego and has both lived and studied in Beijing, China. He brings his love of financial planning and client service to Boyd Wealth Management. Why would a 30-year-old surfer move to Sacramento from San Diego to join our team? Well, I asked him that 3 times in our first interview! He wants to be closer to his family, particularly his brother and sister-in-law, who have lived in Davis for some time. In fact, many of his friends from San Diego attended Veterinary school at UC Davis, while his girlfriend Gina is currently completing her internship in Emergency Veterinarian Medicine.

Mark has worked for a couple of planning firms in San Diego and came to us as an expert in our main client interface tool, the Boyd Wealth Planning Portal. He can also spreadsheet with the best of them and analyze investment data which allows Ryan and I deeper views into our investment portfolios. He’ll be instrumental in delivering on our commitment to continual improvement and exceptional client experience. One such initiative we rolled out this month, Riskalyze, our risk tolerance and portfolio risk analysis tool. You can read more about it here, but Mark’s experience is helping us deliver the tools we need to be the very best advisors to you.

Mark is currently completing the curriculum which allows him to sit for the 6 hour Certified Financial Planner (CFP ®) exam. He expects to complete this before year end. In addition to assisting Ryan and me on your financial plan, Mark will be opening client accounts, facilitating asset transfers and money movement, and executing overall client service. Look for Mark to be sitting with you in our planning meetings as he familiarizes himself with your goals and strategies.

In addition to surfing, Mark is enjoying the hikes in our beautiful region and has just taken up golf. I expect some 300 yard drives out of him soon and a very successful partnership with us. Please welcome Mark to the team.

These advancements bring us the firepower to continue to deliver exceptional service while creating the capacity for us to help more families achieve true financial security. If you know anyone with a complicated financial situation that has outgrown their current advisor, please send them our way.

Happy Planning,