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Helping to Ensure a Smooth, Successful Business Transfer

Whether you’re considering retirement or planning your business succession, our team can help you transition while keeping your financial goals in mind.

Retirement Planning and Business Exit Planning

Now more than ever, planning for your retirement is critical. Gone are the days when pensions and Social Security provided all of the income you needed for retirement. The new reality is that you are responsible for managing your own retirement, and that starts with making sure you’re strategic in your planning.

Our approach to retirement planning is designed to help you get to – and through – retirement with a greater level of financial confidence. That means you can relax knowing you have a roadmap to achieve your goals.

To begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you saved enough to secure your target income goal throughout retirement?
  • Will you have enough from your exit (after taxes) to meet long-term goals?
  • What will your life look like post-exit?  What will you do with the next chapter and who will you do it with?
  • What are your legacy goals?  Who or what organization(s) would you like to ultimately benefit from your success?

We’ll help you answer these questions and Create a Plan for a Successful Business Exit.

Qualified Retirement Planning

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners today is the need to recruit, retain, and reward talented employees. A well-designed benefits package can give you a competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Our team can help you design a quality, affordable benefit plan that may include features such as:

  • 401(k) 
  • Profit Sharing 
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

When a Qualified Retirement Plan doesn't fit or there's need for additional benefits:

  • Selective benefit planning for executive level employees

Business Succession and Continuity Planning

Business Succession planning is about identifying people in the organization who may eventually replace the current leadership, while creating a plan to develop their skills and experience.  

Business Continuity planning is about making sure the business survives the death of a business owner or key employee.

We can help you  Create a Successful Business Succession Plan.